Apricots Cherries Peaches

Escarcom s.a. is a leading IQF Fruits Manufacturer, located in Greece. We mainly process Greek stone fruits, providing our customers with a wide variety of IQF fruit solutions, all IFS and BRC certified.


Escarcom is in the center of Greece’s most fertile agricultural region. Fruits of excellent quality, extraordinary taste, and aroma arrive in our processing plant in optimum conditions. Our qualified personnel and technicians are working to produce high quality frozen fruits under the strictest hygienic conditions. All our final products are stored in our Cold storage facility of 38000m3, with temperature monitoring, assuring stable and safe storage conditions for the frozen fruits.


We mainly process the following stone fruits:

•          Black Sweet Cherries

•          Yellow Cling Peaches

•          Freestone Peaches

•          Nectarines

•          Apricots

Featuring products of different forms and shapes:

•          Frozen (IQF) pitted cherries

•          Frozen (IQF) diced peach

•          Frozen (IQF) peach slices

•          Frozen (IQF) diced apricot

•          Frozen (IQF) apricot halves


In addition, our company trades and processes various kinds of fruits and vegetables, upon demand and availability (berries, strawberries, tomatoes, green peppers etc.).

In total, we produce and export to our global B2B clients up to 15000 tons of IQF fruits per year.